Top 5 Hikes in St. George, Utah


Located in the southwest corner of Utah, St. George offers a unique scenery for the hiking community. The area is becoming more and more popular and for good reason. Hikers travel from all over the world to view the famous red rocks and enjoy the surrounding area. Whether you consider yourself outdoorsy or not, hiking can be a great way to connect with local nature and get a breath of fresh air. If you want to experience the heart of the desert, here’s a list of 5 of the best hikes you’ll find in St. George, Utah.

1. Butterfly Trail – Snow Canyon State Park



Difficulty Level: Easy

Distance: 1.2 Miles Round Trip

Distance From St. George: 11.5 Miles (25 minutes driving)


Butterfly Trail is one of the most overlooked trails in Snow Canyon. Though the trail is advertised more as a connector trail, it really can and does stand on its own! This trail really captures the whole scene of Snow Canyon which might be on of Utah’s most beautiful state parks. You will feel like the only person in the park. The views are fantastic as you look up and down the canyon. Eventually this trail connects with the Lava Flow Trail, where you can turn around or follow down to the West Canyon Overlook (adds another .8 miles round trip). This is a great trail to take your family on, even if you don’t hike the whole trail. The views and colors on this hike will not disappoint!

2. Padre Canyon – Tuacahn



Difficulty Level: Moderate

Distance: 2.5 Miles Round Trip

Distance From St. George: 9.4 miles (18 mins driving)


Starting from Tuacahn, Padre Canyon is beautiful hike with a great view. The single dirt path consists mainly of sand and rock. Padre Canyon climbs up the mountain to offer a stunning view into the Snow Canyon area. Its steep incline and high elevation makes it a moderate hike and might not be for everyone.  As Tuacahn is a famous attraction for the area it seems fitting to include its hike.  This hike may not be the best for little kids (though kids are known for doing it) but the canyon provides some good shade at the right time of the day.

3. Scout Cave – Snow Canyon State Park



Difficulty Level: Easy-to-Moderate

Distance: 3.58 Miles Round Trip

Distance From St. George: 8.6 Miles (15 minutes driving)


Scout Cave trail, just south of Snow Canyon State Park, is a great mix of easy and moderate. It passes over lava flow fields, stream beds, and Navajo Sandstone rocks.  The trail is well marked and pretty easy to follow. This trail is not stroller friendly, but is passable by young children (5 and up). Scout Cave made our list because it captures everything about a St. George hike. The caves are easy to access and really are fun to explore with a great view over the surrounding area. Mixed with the beauty of Snow Canyon, this trail is highly recommended and is surprisingly not as busy.

4. Yellow Knolls – Red Cliffs Desert Reserve



Difficulty Level: Easy-to-Moderate

Distance: 4 Miles Round Trip

Distance From St. George: 7.8 miles (17 mins driving)


Featuring red sand, black/white rock, and many native plants, Yellow Knolls seems to be the full package. The trail begins with a descent of about 230 feet and slowly ascends as it carves a scenic path through various terrains. This makes it a great place to walk a dog or take pictures. The different landscapes and unique features provide a great place to explore and entertain kids. Yellow Knolls is a spectacular and highly recommended hike right in St. George’s backyard. The path features a wide range of flowers and wildlife making it a great trail for kids or for walking a dog.

5. Turtle Wall – Red Cliffs Desert Reserve



Difficulty Level: Easy

Distance: 2.08 Miles Round Trip

Distance From St. George: 4.3 Miles (9 mins driving)


Turtle Wall is a popular trail that offers amazing scenery without having to drive far. Great for kids and all hikers, the single dirt path has an open view and follows rock formations to connect the Chuckwalla trail to Paradise Rim. The trail is well maintained and relatively flat with a slight elevation just before the turnaround point. At the turnaround point, the trail hits Paradise Rim trail to reveal a stunning view over Entrada and Ivins. The hike climbs up red rocks and into desert tortoise territory. These tortoises, accompanied with many other wildlife, are often sighted along the trail and provide a great feeling of being within nature. Turtle Wall made our list because of the great view at the end. Being a part of the Chuckwalla area, this hike is great for kids and dogs.

Honorable Mentions

Anasazi Valley Trail (Tempi’po’op)

Difficulty Level: Easy

Distance: 3.5 Miles Round Trip

Distance From St. George: 10.2 Miles (15 mins driving)


Red Reef

Difficulty Level: Easy

Distance: 1.44 Miles Round Trip

Distance From St. George: 19.9 Miles (30 minutes driving)


Babylon Arch

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Distance: 1.5 Miles Round Trip

Distance From St. George: 21 Miles (33 minutes driving)