Top 5 hikes for kids in St. George, Utah

Hiking is fun for everyone and can be a great family activity.  St. George offers many adventurous hikes but sometimes it can be difficult to know which are best for a family with little kids.  This article hopes to make the decision a little easier.  As avid hikers, we have gathered data to determine which local hikes would be manageable for children.  We selected these hikes after considering trail distance, path condition, hike entertainment, and accessibility. Most off road adventures aren’t too stroller friendly nut we hope this list helps parents with kids of all ages.

1. Children’s Forest at the Kiln

Distance from St. George: 21 miles (31 mins driving)

Distance: 0.6 miles round trip

Okay, so this one is a little outside St. George but it is worth the drive. The Children’s Forest at the Kiln trail is a well groomed single track trail that is wide enough for a single stroller. Children enjoy the wild flowers and exploring the kiln. The Forest Service has placed plaques along the way, next to the native plants, to describe what each one is. The drawings and descriptions are all done by children and it is actually very cool, and very educational! This forest is described as a “pigmy forest” because the trees and shrubs found there are short, rather than tall and reaching. If you’re looking for a great walk with the kids, this is it! Unless you have a pretty good jogging stroller, I would recommend carrying kids or letting them walk. The trail ends at a very large kiln that was used in the 1800’s to produce charcoal used in the separation process for the Silver Reef mines.

2. White Rock Amphitheater

Distance from St. George: 11 miles (16 mins driving)

Distance: 0.4 miles round trip

The White Rocks hike in Snow Canyon State Park is a great, family friendly, short hike that features some beautiful views, impressive petrified white sandstone mountains, and a great sand hill for kids of all ages to play in. This hike is not stroller friendly, but it is short enough that you should be able to get away with carrying a child.  Children enjoy exploring and climbing on these sandstone mountains. The hike really gives a sense of being in the State Park without having to hike a lot.

3. Glitter Mountain

Distance from St. George: 13 miles (25 mins driving)

Distance: Not Needed

We know this isn’t technically a hike or technically in St. George really, but our data show that it is a very popular outing for kids. The area consists of mining pits that can be steep. The claimant has actually enjoyed the excitement about the mine, and agrees that it is fun for explorers of all ages to find and learn about the minerals in the earth, but is concerned about people getting hurt and the liabilities associated with it.  The claimant would like people to stay out of the pit. They are welcome to visit and take pieces of gypsum that are laying about outside the pit.

4. Chuckwalla

Distance from St. George: 4.3 miles (9 mins driving)

Distance: 1.9 miles round trip

Chuckwalla made our list because our data show that a lot of kids love exploring this area. The trailhead is very close and the path is great for those with a short attention span. Perfect place for kids to run around while being in nature. The path is mostly dirt with some sand and is well marked. Chuckwalla offers a beautiful scenery and features a variety of wildlife making it very family friendly. The hike is also dog friendly and a great place to walk a dog.  Hikers enjoy exploring the trail’s unique rock formations as well as connecting with other trails that expand into the area. Desert tortoises, rabbits, eagles, and other wildlife are often spotted along the path.  Chuckwalla is a great trail that takes hikers right into nature. Gila monsters are known to be in this area so keep your eye out for this unique experience!

5. Jenny’s Canyon

Distance from St. George: 9.3 miles (20 min driving)

Distance: 0.48 miles round trip

Snow Canyon State park really is beautiful.  Luckily there are some trails that don’t require a long hike to experience the park. Jenny’s Canyon is the perfect length and even has a slot cave for those adventurous kids. There is a little bit of some step overs but ultimately the whole hike is peaceful and short.