Glitter Mountain AZ Access Update

Over the past couple of years, many people in the area (maybe even you) have enjoyed the magical appeal of Glitter Mountain (Sparkle Mountain, Old Gypsum Mine, etc). This is a place where many kids have experienced their first taste of mining!

Well, I had a phone conversation with one of the agents in the Arizona BLM Field Office this morning and learned that the mine does have an active mining claim on it, and the owner of that claim has requested that people do not enter the pit, or break out new chunks of gypsum. The claimant has actually enjoyed the excitement about the mine, and agrees that it is fun for explorers of all ages to find and learn about the minerals in the earth, but is concerned about people getting hurt and the liabilities associated with it.

As we wrapped up the conversation, I asked if I should discourage people from visiting the mine and he told me that people are not discouraged from going, but that the claimant would like people to stay out of the pit. They are welcome to visit and take pieces of gypsum that are laying about outside the pit.

So, we ask that you respect the requests of the claimant and visit the site for its educational value, and as a fun day trip, but take only pictures and perhaps a few small pieces of mineral that are laying around as your evidence. While you’re there, go experience Little Black Mountain Petroglyphs, just a few minutes away!


Enepitsi trail canyon
Warner Valley Dinosaur tracks
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