Best Places To Walk A Dog

St. George is how to many adventurous dog owners. The unique landscape is perfect for people to share an adventure with their dog. Below is a list of the best hikes/places for those looking to walk their dog. We studied our data and analytics to track which hikes are best for dogs and to determine which are perfect for exploring. Our picks take into consideration the distance and difficulty of the hike as well as the location of the place from downtown St. George.

1. Vernon Worthen Park

Close to everything in St. George, Vernon Worthen Park has the whole package. This 4.5 acre park is equipped four separate picnic areas, restrooms, and much more. The park made our list mainly for its accessibility and its large lawn. Many dogs are found here and the park is a great host. Multiple trash cans, bags, and water fountains are found for a great time for any dog. Overall, the large lawn makes it a great place to take and play with a dog.


2. Chuckwalla Area

Again, being close to St. George helps. Chuckwalla is also popular for the unique landscape right in St. George’s backyard. The trailChuckwalla is a major link for trails like Turtle WallBeck HillParadise RimHalfway WashThe Gap, and Gecko. With a dirt path, the trail stetches for about 2 miles round trip and is adventurous. Dogs should be kept on a leash as bikers and hikers are also found but the area is great for exploring. Many dog owners enjoy climbing the red rocks with their dogs. Desert tortoises and Gila monsters are known to be in the area so please be aware while dogs are exploring.

3. Sandtown Park

Sandtown Park is another place with a lard field where dogs can run around freely. With 8 acres of space dogs can enjoy playing with their owners. Numerous trees provide shade after intense running. There are also water fountains and restrooms to keep your pet hydrated. The park is also close and convenient. Sandtown Park made our list for its large space and location.


4. Pioneer Hills

Located behind Pioneer Park, this trail provides a great trip into nature without having to go far. The path is sandy and stretches for about 1.4 miles round trip. At dusk, this hike provides some good scenery. There is no shade but Desert tortoises and other wildlife can be found so please be aware with your dog. Pioneer Hills made the list because it is a simple trail but still adventurous for those with a dog. The trail also connects to T-bone which leads to Pioneer Park. Overall, this is a great trail for those looking for a quick hike with their dog.

5. Yellow Knolls

Yellow Knolls is a little hard to get to but is worth it. The unique landscape is perfect for those looking for an adventurous hike with their dog. The full trail stretches for 4 miles round trip but many dog walkers go for 1 to 2 miles. This trail really enters nature and is beautiful. Yellow Knolls had to make the list because of the adventure it provides to both the dog and their own.