SureCall N-Range Cell Phone Signal Booster Review

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You know that feeling you have when you’re out on the road and you are in the middle of a conversation on your cell phone and you hit a dead spot? Little did you know, you’ve been talking to yourself for the last two minutes… You know the feeling. Cell phone signal coverage is better than it has ever been, but there are still places that you travel and adventure where service is spotty and it would be really nice to be able to make a call or send a text.

What you need is a Cell Phone Signal Booster from SureCall. We recently tested the N-Range Signal Booster and could not believe the results!

Ease of Installation

Ok, seriously, SureCall has always made the installation model an easy one, but with the N-Range you literally put the antenna on the roof, plug in and go! Once you’ve connected the cables out of the box, you can install in less than 30 seconds!

Incredible Power

This Signal Booster, like the Fusion2Go series, picks up the signal from the cell tower and amplifies it so you can increase your reach. It can’t create signal out of nothing, but it can make the difference between your ability to call or text in a bad service area, and not.

We took the N-Range for a drive to the town of Gunlock, which is a place where we frequently wander. That road is also notorious for having several dead zones. I had my phone on the booster and my wife had her’s three feet away. As we traveled a particularly spotty portion of the road, I had two solid bars (LTE) and was able to get a call out without interruption, and her phone was showing “No Service”. I couldn’t believe how powerful this booster was! We have field tested previous booster models before, but I was still amazed at how much of difference these boosters make!

As SureCall continues to broaden their product line, they are really creating a product that fits every need and budget. No matter how far off the beaten track you get, you really can’t afford not to have a SureCall Cell Phone Signal Booster in your car, truck or SUV!

Here are some details you need to know about the N-Range Signal Booster:

  • It is a single user cell phone signal booster that works for all US carriers and phones
  • It boosts all signal types to give drivers hands-free connectivity for calling, texting, data streaming, and running apps
  • Equipped with Extended Range Technology, the industry’s most powerful system for maximizing cellular reliability in vehicles
  • Simple to install and portable – often takes less than 90-seconds to install
  • The entire kit fits in the palm of a hand to store easily in any glove box when not in use
  • Kit includes: N-Range exterior antenna, interior phone-mount cradle, 12V DC power supply and quick setup guide.
  • Pricing: $199.99
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