How to Protect Petroglyphs and Historic Artifacts

Do you want to go enjoy some petroglyphs or other historical artifacts, but are afraid of ruining it for others? Here are some tips and guidelines for you and your little ones to follow that will allow you to experience this incredible natural history, and preserve it for others to come!

  1. Do Enjoy These Sites! These historical, cultural and natural history sites are one of a kind. They are part of the history of our species and we should learn about them and respect them. Help keep and preserve them for many others to enjoy!
  2. Do Be Respectful. These sites are historical (sometimes ancient) and cannot be replaced. Teach children about the history and to respect these sites.
  3. Do Take Look at, Take Pictures of and/or Sketch. History is fun, and it is fun to share! Enjoy the experience and connect with those that came before!
  4. Do Not Touch. Touching the artifacts causes them to wear down more quickly. This is especially true with Petroglyphs. The oils in your hands causes them to deteriorate.
  5. No Rubbings or Tracing. Rubbings or castings can damage rock art permanently. As these wear away, they will be unavailable for those that come after you. Applying chalk or tracing, or applying any substance (including water) makes it difficult to date the images. Basically, apply the Do Not Touch rule and you’ll be safe!
  6. No Climbing or Leaning On. Rock surfaces are usually very fragile and will be damaged by these things.
  7. No Fires. The smoke and charcoal from fires can damage and accelerate deterioration of historical sites.


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