Disconnecting While Staying Connected with SureCall Boosters

If there is one thing that gets me up in the morning like nothing else, it is the chance to get out and explore!

There is something energizing about disconnecting from the world and hitting the trail at the break of dawn – before most people have dragged themselves out of bed.

The opportunities in Southern Utah to connect with the earth and “leave it all behind” are almost endless! Because of the many mountains, gorges and rocky terrain, most of these back-road places also find themselves on the outer reaches of cell phone signal coverage, which can pose its own set of interesting challenges depending on what excitement the trail might bring.

As a young college student, the thought never crossed my mind to tell anyone where I was going as I ventured out, nor did I worry if I got stranded outside the boundaries of modern civilization – that would just enhance the experience!

Now, I’m a husband and a father of 3 beautiful girls that have hopes and dreams – and expectations that Dad is going to come home when he says he will (give or take a couple hours) – so things are a little different. I’m a commercial property manager and real estate agent during the day and am constantly on my phone with clients, or checking emails and texts. I need the ability to be connected when I’m disconnected!

Technology continues to advance and the need to stay connected, while being disconnected, has increased along with it. I’ve searched and tried different products over the years that to boost my cell phone signal, but none of them has impressed me like the latest product that I have found – Fusion2Go 3.0 by SureCall.

This product is the strongest signal booster on the market and has the test results to prove it. I recently tested the product on a couple of trips into the Southern Utah backcountry.

I was shocked at how many places I was able to make and receive calls, send texts, upload and download data. In these areas my cell reception is normally choppy at best. The amount of dropped calls was significantly reduced and data speeds were as fast as I get from my Wi-Fi at home! Everyone needs one of these!

They built this product for people in the utilities industry who work in very remote areas but need access to calling, text and data transmissions, which means if it works for them there’s a good chance it will work for us too.

Unlike the old boosters that you had to cradle your phone in, you can now just mount the signal enhancer inside your car, and all phones within a few feet will be boosted!

Whether you’re a regular to the outer reaches, or just a frequent freeway traveller, you will love this vehicle signal booster. Before you head on your next trip, check out the Fusion2Go 3.0!

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