SureCall Fusion2Go 2.0 4G Extreme Mobile Signal Booster Kit



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Whether you are an extreme outdoors person or not, everyone hits dead or low coverage zones on their cell phone network while they are traveling. The last thing you need is to have an emergency and have no ability to call for help. We find ourselves in many areas with limited coverage, whether it is in Zion Canyon, Yant Flat, Pine Valley, Snow Canyon, or any number of places in Washington County, we have seen our cell coverage boosted in incredible ways with this product from SureCall! Check out the specs below. You can’t afford not to have this in your vehicles!


  • Boosts signal for voice, text & 4G LTE for all cellular devices and all cell carriers
  • Reduces the number of dropped and missed calls
  • Extends your battery life because your phone isn’t searching for signal
  • Increases 4G LTE data speeds in low coverage zones
  • No cradle or docking station required – just have to be in or around the vehicle
  • Easy setup and install!