Little Jamaica or Littlefield Springs is in Littlefield Arizona, a 30 minute drive from St. George. It is a little oasis along the Virgin River that comes from a mountain spring into a man made pool. There are small waterfalls and is a nice cool setting among the desert landscape. To get to the pool it is about a .25 mile hike from the trailhead and can be a little slippery and is next to the interstate and can be a little noisy because of the traffic. This little oasis is a fun place to go especially during the summer months!

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    • Tim LeBaron
      Tim LeBaron says:

      This is doable with small children, but you’ll need to be careful getting down there. If you take food and things, please practice “Leave No Trace” rules and pack out what you pack in.

    • Jasmine
      Jasmine says:

      It was very packed near the entrances closest to the parking lot area, but there was still enough space to socially distance.


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