A Night Out at Twisted Noodle Cafe St George, UT

Tonight we decided to go out on a dinner date and so we hired a babysitter for the older kids and took our newborn with us. We decided to go to Twisted Noodle Cafe, where we knew we couldn’t go wrong, and with a newborn we would have an easy escape if she was fussy. Newborns are unpredictable, so something quick, yet nice is what we needed. Twisted Noodle Cafe is a place that we have visited many times before and here are two reasons why.

1. The Unique Food

Obviously for us to be repeat customers we have to enjoy the food! Twisted Noodle’s chef, Cameron Payne, is a reputable chef for healthy options. He was the head chef at the Biggest Loser Resort that was in the St. George area and knows how to do it right.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like healthy food, but what I like about Twisted Noodle Cafe is that it has a variety of healthy options that you would expect, but there are also food choices that my husband likes that don’t make him feel like he has gone to a garden party.

The last two times we have gone there I have hardly looked at the menu because I have gotten stuck on the special that they are offering that day. Tonight’s special was a noodle bowl with shrimp, bacon, and creamy sauce. It was delicious! The combination was so good and the sauce was amazing (I could have licked my bowl!).

My husband got the hamburger with a side salad, which is what he always gets. We like that even the not-so-healthy options are healthier than they would be somewhere else. This gourmet hamburger is actually really good!

While we were eating I noticed a couple walk in the door, go straight to the refrigerator full of drinks and quickly grab what they wanted before ordering food. I could tell they had been there before and it seemed like they enjoy the drink options. I enjoy their fruit water and I like that the fountain drinks are unique. You don’t go to Twisted Noodle to get your daily coke!

2. The Unique Atmosphere

Twisted Noodle Cafe is located in the Main Street Plaza – right downtown St George. The building has a parking garage connected to it. In the St. George heat, covered parking is a huge plus – especially with a baby! It made getting in the car afterwards more bearable.

We love the unique downtown St. George setting, so this was a perfect place to go. Twisted Noodle has a nice casual feel. We decided to eat inside this time but if the weather is nice we like eating in the courtyard. Either way, you can’t go wrong. To top it off, the servers are friendly and helpful, which makes everything better.

So if you’re looking for a unique, healthy restaurant, with a great atmosphere, check out the Twisted Noodle Cafe! We loved it and will be going back soon!

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Ashlee LeBaron
Author: Ashlee LeBaron